Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and staining and optimizes the performance of your sanitizer. Pool Season simplifies this balancing act, giving you perfect pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness for water comfort.

pH MinuspH Minus

A convenient granular product that slowly lowers the pH in your water. The easy-to-use chemical is more convenient than liquid acids but just as effective in both pools and spas.

pH PluspH Plus

When your pH dips below the proper range of 7.2-7.6, pH Plus provides a convenient solution. The granular product is safe for all pool types and causes minimal effects on the overall alkalinity of the pool water. Product of choice for balancing water.

Alkalinity Up

Alkalinity Up

Easy-to-use, this granular product raises total alkalinity in the pool and acts as a buffer to prevent pH bounce, staining and corrosion.



Calcium IncreaserCalcium Increaser

Increasing your calcium hardness level prevents your pool water from becoming corrosive and protects your pool and pool equipment. Pool Season's increaser helps prevent etching and staining and is easy to apply.


Cut down on chlorine loss caused by the sun with this granular form conditioner. With 100% cyanuric acid stabilizer, chlorine is contained in your pool water where it continues its job of killing bacteria and keeping your pool clean and clear.




Why is Pool Water Balance Important?