Clear up specific water problems with Pool Season accessories. The perfect complement to your pool care regimen, Pool Season offers a variety of cleaners, clarifiers and stain removers.

Stain and Scale ControlStain and Scale Control

Safe for all pool types, this preventative's concentrated liquid formula fights back scale that forms from excessive calcium and staining brought on by iron, copper or manganese in your pool water.

Liquid Floc PlusLiquid Floc Plus

Pool Season's super-concentrated water clarifier restores the sparkle to your pool water by floccing (dropping) suspended particles to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuuming. Liquid Floc is safe for all pools and requires no mixing. Overnight, Liquid Floc returns your pool to its desired clarity.

Super Water Clarifier

Super Water Clarifier

A new phase in pool clarification, Pool Season's Super Water Clarifier is suitable for all pool types. The clarifier collects the miniscule particles in your pool water and bonds them together to create larger particles that can be removed through the filter. The cloudiness clears and you are left with crystal clear water.

Filter CleanerFilter Cleaner

With so much chemical care focused on the pool water, it is important to remember the vital role your filter plays. At least twice a season, take the time to clean your filter with Pool Season's dual-action filter cleaner which removes scale and oils from all types of filters.

Granular Stain Control

Consists of a multiple acid formulation found to be extremely effective in removing both metal, and mineral stains from vinyl, fiberglass, plastic and tile pool surfaces. This product may not be used on acrylic spa surfaces.



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